Monday, February 22, 2016

Moving Right Along

With the impending day of my birth quickly approaching...and coming to terms with the fact I'll no longer be a "twenty-something" I've done some reminiscing of this crazy, blessed life I've got and I must admit, it's pretty darn good.

I have officially been loving this stud for half my life. Yes, you read that right. I've been laughing at his jokes (sometimes sincerely, sometimes...not so much) for 15 years.

These little babes had no idea of the challenges and blessings to come their way.

Since I've had children something happened to time and it now moves at warp speed. I remember adults always talking about how fast time goes when I was little, and I never believed them. All I wanted to do was boycott naps and hurry up and be a grown up. They were right! I swear just yesterday I was kissing chubby baby cheeks..now I'm chasing them, chauffeuring them to school (and an attempt at playing soccer...not our "thing"), racing in the backyard, and listening to their sweet voices read me stories and sight words.

I'm working on understanding that every season of my life is sprinkled with sweetness. Yes, it pains me that these babies are growing, but I know what I will find the sweetness in each stage of life. So I have to make a conscience effort not to mourn the past, but rejoice in the present that I'm gifted and be ever so grateful for the awesome things happening now.

Owen is still loving school. It is such a blessing to see him excited to go each morning, and also to hear the feedback of how well he's doing. Ms. Kate, his personal aid has played a integral role in helping his adjust this year. We are so thankful she was chosen to stay by his side throughout the day and that their fit has been just perfect. His teacher has challenged him, seen the need for schedule rearranging to further help him succeed and grow and we are so thankful for her love and devotion to helping him be a successful student.

Looking so very dapper on picture day :)

Abel is officially enrolled in preschool for fall 2016. This was 97% his idea. The kids loves anything that has to do with school. Anything. We talk about numbers, letters, colors, shapes, math, reading...all of it. All. Day. Long. His numbers and letters go for rides in his toys school bus and airplane. They play in the barn, and ride in the tractor. "Come on letters! Time to eat dinner!" And yes, they are even invited to the table. Abel is so excited to go to school, and would likely just join in with his big brother if allowed. Florida has a great program for 4 year olds that is free to everyone, so we are taking advantage of a great deal, and throwing in so key learning experiences. i.e. Turn taking, waiting in line, sharing, sitting during story time...I'll let his teacher work on those and we will just keep playing letters here at home. :)

I will admit that this journey to 30 hasn't been the easiest, but at my now "wise old age" I can clearly look back and see the works that The Lord was doing in my life. In the valleys, I see so many blessings. The Lord pushed me, and challenged me to see that I can't do this alone. I am thankful for the storms, and so very thankful for two boys who continually show me amazing examples of love. Our life is different than "the norm". Not because we love more or love less. Just different. And that's okay. It's our different, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

"You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand."
John 13:7

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