Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh, that Growing Boy!

Well, our little man is now fully over our little battle with pneumonia. He is back and feeling better than ever!

Owen's personality is developing like crazy. He has become such a little man in what feels like overnight. Not only is he cracking up at Daddy's jokes, he's making lots and lots of new sounds! For whatever reason, the kidney disease Owen suffers from causes oral aversions. Which basically means Owen's mouth is "off limits"! He will put anything under the sun in his mouth. (Which, from talking with other kidney Mom's is quite impressive!) However...food is not generally included in Owen's repertoire of edible objects. So, Owen has been receiving Speech Therapy since we made it home from the hospital. Many think this is only for talking, which of course they do assist with, but also for helping Owen overcome his aversions to foods, new textures and smells. He loves, loves his water and will play in just about any food. He's coming a long great, and we have high hopes that with a new kidney, a new lease of enjoying foods will come as well! :)

Our house is now filled with lots of babbles, squeals and screams. And. I. Love. It. Hearing ga ga, ba ba, ma ma and da da. Is a milestone that many mothers simply cross off their list during the infancy babbling stage. Small milestones are difficult for Owen to reach and they are a big, big deal and heavily celebrated in our house! A friend of our family back home recently interviewed my family while writing an article about Owen in her journalism class. I was blessed while reading her article and reminded of just how amazing Owen's life really is. By doctors standards he shouldn't be here. He shouldn't be able to call my name and laugh hysterically when he sees his Daddy walk through the door every afternoon. Praise God that we know a different Physican, one that gives and takes away, but it our case gave not only life, but a new perspective of this journey here on Earth.

I pray that I don't get caught up in this life. Believe me, I can easily get so tangled up in the latest fashions (for Owen, of course) the newest toys and books and ways to help increase development. When in reality, I have a blessing who literally soaks up every single second he can with me. Not to brag, but this baby is pretty smitten with his Mama. :) Please pray that my heart will remain steadfast, chasing after the Lord as Michael and I work to raise Owen in a world that is saturated in sin. Pray that we will have wisdom in protecting him from sinning, and revealing the joy and infinite blessings of serving our Lord.

Owen has been celebrating Halloween....no tricks here....just treats! We went to a local bookstore this weekend for some spooky stories and a little trick or treating around the store. We won't be going through our neighborhood...it's a little chilly for a boy who catches colds a little too easily!

Super Baby and Daddy ready to go hear some Halloween tales!
                          Posing in front of the the fountain at Joseph Beth...the boy suddenly loves water!
                                                          Tasting one of his yummy treats!!
                           Mommy wanted to show off his curls, but he would rather wave "bye bye!"
                                                    Noodles and cheerios....what a dinner! :)
                                                       Just because my boys are too cute...
                                             I know....quite possibly the cutest boy on the planet!
Bath time is now a favorite activity in the Daugherty House. :)
                                                    Did I mention Owen loves water? :)

We have been working on sign language along with spoken words. This weekend Owen finally caught on to the sign for dog! Not surprising....Toby is his best friend. :)

Thanks again for keeping up with our little family and loving our miracle boy. We covet every prayer that is lifted for Owen. Please be in prayer for his doctors as they have scheduled his bladder surgery for December 6 and are meeting to discuss a date for his transplant. Be in prayer that Owen's body will heal quickly after this upcoming surgery and be ready for a new kidney. Also continue to be in prayer for our donor. That the Lord is anointing her body and preparing her kidney to fit perfectly into Owen's little body.

We look foward to sharing more updates on this little miracle how quickly he is growing and daily blessing our lives. :) I have a feeling that he will be on the move in a few months. He is loving his physical therapy and so desperatly wants to crawl!

Lamentations 3:55-57
"I called on your name, O LORD, from the depths of the pit; you heard my plea, 'Do not close
   your ear to my cry for help!' You came near when I called on you;  you said,'Do not fear!'

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Longest Stay...

So we are coming off our longest besides living in the hospital for 100 days after birth hospital stay yet. Poor Owen was very, very sick. :(

It all started with on and off mild congestion for a week or so. Well, apparently it was all building up and settling in you guessed it, his lungs. :( We were admitted to UK on Saturday, October 1 for what we thought was another case of pneumonia. By that Wednesday Owen was not getting better, in fact we felt as if he was getting worse. He was on a good amount of oxygen, and was continuing to "desat" or drop his oxygen levels. Michael and I made the decision to transfer Owen to Cincinnati.

Trying to cheer up our sad boy with a new toy....yes, it was supposed to be for Christmas but who can say no to this baby?!?

I know, completely pitiful. :(
 Taking Owen to Cincy was a very good decision. Apparently, the pneumonia had caused Owen to retain quite a bit of fluid and dialysis was not "pulling it off" well on our home regimen. He was severely fluid overloaded and was getting 8 liters of high flow oxygen. Once they were able to "dry him out" he needed a blood transfusion and extra fluids to boost him back up. It was difficult to consent to the transfusion, as it can possibly desensitize him to a future transplant. However, his blood levels were dangerously low and his body really needed it. He will be taking immunosuppressants for about a month now to hopefully prevent any sensitization the transfusion could cause. Thankfully, Owen has only required two transfusions in his life, many of these "kidney kids" need more because of multiple surgeries and complications.

After his transfusion and the first full night of sleep in over a week, he finally started to perk up! Our hearts were rejoicing when we saw that sweet smile come back. I can say that we were completely surviving on the prayers of many friends and  family during this time. This was the worst we have ever seen Owen, and coming off a wonderful, healthy summer, this was a difficult week and a half!

Child Life came to each room to give out balloons. Owen loved his! :)
Mommy couldn't get enough snuggles from this boy!
YAY! I'm back home!!
We finally made it back home on Tuesday, October 11. Our time in the hospital was rough, and long. But once again puts everything into perspective for us. We are more than blessed to call this boy our son. It's a blessing to have him in our lives, filling our hearts with joy each day. There are times when I literally think I could bust with love for this angel. I am so, so proud of him and everything he has achieved. He has endured much more than you or I will likely see in this life and yet he greets each day with a smile as if he could conquer the world. :) And you know what? This baby is moving mountains. He represents the image of an unfailing, God who delights in blessing His children.

Because Owen has been so sick and is on immunosuppressants we mad the decision not to go to the Walk for Kids in Cincy on Saturday. Although we were so looking forward to showing off our miracle at the walk, the cooler temps kept us away. The new Team Owen shirts are ready, and once they make their way up to me from Owensboro I will send them out to those who ordered one! :)

We had a nice, relaxing weekend with a visit Marlee and Will. Owen loves visitors and was all smiles since he is feeling back to normal!

Thank you all for your prayers, especially over the past two weeks. Thank you for loving our family, and caring so deeply for our little Owen. We appreciate each and every prayer and encouraging words our family has been covered with. One day this little babbling boy will be able to thank you in person. :)

Owen's surgery for October 24 is being rescheduled. The doctors feel it is not wise to put him under anesthesia coming off such a harsh pneumonia. We aren't sure when it will be, but most likely in late November. This, unfortunately will push transplant back a bit. But we are working on getting our wonderful donor through the required appointments and once we are given the "okay" we can schedule a transplant date!! :)

I'll leave you with a few pictures of this happy, miracle boy!

Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you. -Deuteronomy 31:8