Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Chance!

Our fundraising walk for Cincinnati Children's is quickly approaching so we need to have all our T-Shirt orders in by tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 28). Shirts cost $10 this year. I think they are going to be pretty cute. :) And if you can't make it to the walk, you can support Owen and the hospital and wear yours anyway! We have sizes all the way down to onesies, and of course all adult sizes. :) (However, onesie and toddler size shirts will only say "Team Knowin Owen" they are too small to fit the entire screen on them.)

Speaking of the walk....join our team! :) The walk is Saturday, October 15 at 9am. If you can't make it to the walk but would like to donate to our team (all funds go to the hospital, not us) please click the link below. You can also join our team to walk with us by clicking the same link.

I realize I have not updated the blogging world in a while. Rest assured, we are still here! :) Owen is doing wonderful. He is growing and developing faster than ever before. Recently he has started babbling so our house is now full of ga-gas, mamas, dadas, and goo-goos. And I love it. His little voice just melts my heart! He began rolling (finally!) a few weeks ago. He can only roll from belly to back, but we are SO proud of him! He began his therapy at about 4 months old and this is a goal we have been working toward the entire time. When he learned to sit up it became even more difficult to squeeze in tummy time throughout the day. But he finally mustered up the muscles and strength to push over! Yay Owen!

Owen is a busy bee. Although he can't crawl yet (he is getting into the crawling position on his on now!) he plays, and plays and plays! He is so interested in his toys (and the TV) and plays his little heart out. In fact, as Daddy and I were doing some Christmas shopping last weekend Owen fell in love with a little dog that sings and dances. We (of course) bought if for him, intending for it to be a Christmas gift. Well......

Mommy and Daddy are total push overs and caved. :) Yes, Owen is incredibly spoiled, but hey- why not? He is a miracle after all. :)
I'll leave you with a few new pictures of our growing boy. Be sure to take a look at his growing hair! It's definitely taken off and I have a feeling it's going to have some of Mommy's waves and curls!

Learning to clap. Of course it's for the pretty lady singing on TV....never when Mommy requests!

Daddy was finally able to find some free time and put Owen's new truck together. He was one cool dude. :)

We visited an orchard and Owen got his first experience with pumpkins.

He as a sleepy boy by the end of our day at Boyd Orchard!

Trying to escape and show off how well he is doing in PT. :)

Just another day playing with Mommy. :)

Mommy's heart is breaking as the "baby look" fades into a handsome "big boy" look!

I should mention that Owen's surgery is still scheduled for Monday, October 24. He will be having the bladder surgery, as well and a g-tube placement for feeding, rather than using the one in his nose. We have had many doctors appointments and consultations and all are excited about how big and strong Owen is and we are confident he will do well and hopefully recover quickly. The last surgery Owen had was on his 2 month birthday so we are a bit removed from all the hospitals/surgery and recovery. It's not an easy pill to swallow....sending you baby back to surgery. But we remain confident that the Lord is holding Owen by his right hand. This surgery is a step toward transplant....which I will hopefully have lots of exciting news to share about in my next post! You should know that right now we having an amazing donor and further testing for transplant will be taking place on September 30 and October 11. Please be in prayer that should this be the kidney to Lord has chosen for Owen that it will be clearly revealed to our doctors.

There are many blessings we will never receive until we are ready to pay the price of pain, for the path of suffering is the only way to reach them.
-J.R. Miller