Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Oh, yes, those are the sweet words that have been echoing through our house since last Friday! Sweet, little Owen can now say Mama! Although I'm not convinced he knows what he is saying, I'm still counting it! :) I cried the day he discovered his hands, so you can imagine my reaction when  realized what he was saying! :)  He started to make the "dddd" sound a while ago, but hasn't said it too much....maybe for Father's Day! :)

We had an absolutely amazing,wonderful Mother's Day weekend! Sweet Michael decided he wanted to surprise our families with out first trip back home. It was a total success! Both surprises were flawless! I had not been back to Owensboro in about 11 months. Oh, how I miss home! This was, of course, Owen's first trip home, so you can imagine the excitement!

Our first stop was to see Michael's family. They were all gathered at his nephew's baseball game. Michael's sisters knew about the surprise because we had to schedule Mother's Day dinner when we would be in town. We were able to walk right up to his family and "Nona" just kept talking, until she realized who was standing there! She was very happy to see us, and of, course get in some squeezes with Owen!

Our next stop was my brother's baseball game. Only my Mom's dear friend knew of our plans. As we were walking up she asked my Mom: "What would be the best Mother's Day present?" My mom just casually mentioned something about planting flowers, but then she repeated, "No, the best?" My mom was confused, but was starting to think something was going on. Her friend told her to turn around and my mom quickly replied with "Am I going to cry?" Well, I can say, there were some tears of joy!

Owen also hit another milestone over the weekend: 9 months old! I can't believe it. This sweet, little miracle that my heart was breaking for last Mother's Day is 9 months old and doing so much more than many ever thought possible.

Aunt Jenny took some very sweet 9 month pictures of Owen, but I'll have to share them later. They are still being "edited" he is getting self conscious about his rolls! ;)

At 9 months Owen can: say Mama, Dddd, gaagaa, blow insane amounts of raspberries, sleeps like an angel (most of the time!), pretty much sitting up alone, and still has absolutely NO interest in rolling over. :) He weighs 20 lbs 8oz and is 27 1/4 in long. Although he is growing length wise, we are still working on getting him on the growth hormone. Kidney babies tend to grow outward more so than long ways!

Since this was Owen's first time home. It was also the first time for all of the cousins (Michael's side) to be together. We, of course, needed a photo shoot! Owen, however was not having it. Poor guy had just woken up from a nap and all the other kids got bribed with candy...not a good bribe for a toothless baby! :)

This weekend also marked the first time I had been to church since I was sent to the hospital last June. It was also Owen's first trip! I cannot begin to explain the overflow of emotions I felt as I cradled this precious miracle in my arms and sang praises to my King. It was perfect. I just kept thinking that this is what I had been waiting for. It was right. Our family, together, worshipping and praising the One who saved our baby boy. And yes, Owen was perfect during church. We were able to go Saturday night with Michael's family and Sunday morning with my family and he was an angel!

Before church on Saturday night.
Mother's Day carried overwhelming emotions as well. I can so clearly remember last year, as the news of Owen's condition was still so new and fresh. I remember almost mourning for my baby. Dear friends and family prayed with us at the alter and gave words of hope and encouragement. I am blessed beyond belief with this precious boy. And I wouldn't change one thing about him. The Maker of Heaven and Earth has formed every cell in his body, and blessed him with a testimony that can change the lives of all who hear it. Praise God for this miracle, and how he has saved me from a petty, worldly way of living. Owen has opened my eyes and changed my perspective in so many ways.

I was so blessed and challenged by the sermon I heard on Mother's Day. I'm realizing more and more how corrupt and evil this world is. I sometimes wish I could just put Owen in a bubble and protect him from everything! I know that as he grows it will be more and more important for me to place values in his life and raise him to know, love and fear God. It's scary, knowing that my actions and life will reflect the kind of many Owen grows up to be. We pray for wisdom in raising this sweet boy, that we will honor and please God with our parenting.

My precious family on Mother's Day

So yes, my 1st real Mother's Day was all and so much more that I had ever imagined. It was wonderful to celebrate being a Mom, and of course to celebrate with the women in our lives that have shaped and grown our families. Praise God for His blessings to our family and His never ending faithfulness!

Owen enjoyed his trip, but he was very happy to come back home to his (of course you know I mean Mommy and Daddy's) bed! He loved meeting new friends and family members who have been praying for him for so long. Please continue your prayers. We will be having his bladder check up in a couple of months. Please pray the medicine is working and that he will not need surgery.

I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord...Wait for the Lord, be strong, and let your heart take courage.
Psalm 27:13-14

And for those that don't have facebook: Owen has been entered in a photo contest from parents magazine! Please click the link and vote for his sweet, little bunny picture! This photo is for the weekly contest, and from there photos will be judged in a contest to win a picture on the cover of their magazine! You can vote daily, once per computer. So if you have an iPhone and a computer, that's two votes a day! :) Contest ends May 15. Thanks! :)