Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And one more makes four....

Owen has a small announcement he's been holding on to for a while....

That's right, it is with joyful hearts that we are happy to announce our family is growing by one more!    Introducing:
Abel James Daugherty
Due: August 8th
Sons are a heritage from the Lord; children are a blessing from Him.
 Psalm 127:3
                                              Sweet Boy sucking his thumb at 14 weeks :)

Mommy at 14 weeks

We are so grateful the Lord has seen fit to add yet another miracle to our family. We have had a few ultrasounds with our high risk doctors from my pregnancy with Owen and everything is looking absolutely perfect. :) We went in today to get a good look at the kidneys since Abel is now making urine and making all his own amniotic fluid and I'm happy to report there was like a little bit (normal amount) in his tiny, developing kidneys! They were able to measure all necessary organs for what is usually scheduled at the 20 week ultrasound, and everything is right on track, heart, brain, kidneys, bladder-you name it! :) My doctor said there wasn't really a need for me to see him again, but just to please me he's doing one more ultrasound in 10 weeks. :) 

                                          Sweet little profile shots at today's visit- 17 weeks :)

                                                             Mommy at 17 weeks :)

We are so thankful and excited to share the news with family and friends. For those that know us well, you know that it is our hearts' desire to multiply our family and have a whole quiver full! We are so excited to be welcoming another sweet boy, and Owen's new best friend. :) Please be in prayer that this pregnancy will continue to go as smoothly as it has started, and that our hearts will rest in the Lord's promises as we often find it difficult to enjoy this miracle of life forming inside me, as the hurt and pain experienced with Owen's development is still so raw.

For you created my inmost being;  you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:13-16

For those needing a check up on big brother...he's doing great! He seems to be healing well from surgery and is certainly enjoying being tape free! He is still quite sore, and picking him up and holding him are quite difficult. But we sure have been enjoying the gorgeous weather and taking lots of walks! I think his blond hair may have even lightened up a bit in all this sunshine! :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Woohoo! Owen is officially "tape free"! Feel free to pinch either (or both) of his precious, chubby cheeks!

Owen's surgery went beautifully. No SVT heart rhythms, good blood pressures, and he came off the ventilator immediately.

It was leading up to surgery that we faced our heap of problems. After first being admitted to the wrong floor, (Baby dialysis isn't too common and only a few floors have nurses skilled to run the machine and interpret the labs) we finally found our "home" with our familiar nurses. The plan of attack for Owen was to keep him very well hydrated (but not over hydrated) before going into surgery. One of the problems with our unsuccessful surgery in December is the thought that Owen was dehydrated.

So, he was to get an IV placed before bedtime, go on a "low dose" of dialysis for the night, while receiving some fluids to get him ready for surgery the next morning. Unfortunately, Owen's all too cute rolls making blood draws and IV's very difficult to place. It is known that the floor nurses do not attempt to get an IV in Owen, they automatically called the IV (VAT) team, as they are the "professionals" as sticking hard babes. We went through 3 different IV nurses in 2 hours. They tried everything, warm packs, special needles special lights, you name it, it was attempted. After 7 attempts, the nurses said they had reached the limit allowed to "poke" and would no longer attempt for an IV for the night.

Enter panic...how in the world could we do the surgery if he didn't get his fluids?!?! Keep in mind, we were counting on using this surgery as our "trial run" for transplant. We needed it to go perfectly in for the surgeons to be comfortable giving him his set date for transplant.

After a long, long night of doctors in and out, forming plan after plan, phone calls to the on call doctors and nurses. We reached a plan: Stop dialysis all together. This would allow him to hold on to the fluid he would normally clear, in hopes it would account for the IV fluids he would not be getting.

It was a restless night, to say the least. My prayer was just for God to reveal to us the path we needed to take. I begged him to slam shut the door to surgery if it was not His will. I wanted peace the next morning, knowing the Lord was blessing our decisions.

Praise God, for His comfort and gentle guidance! When meeting with the anesthesiologist the next morning, he offered a new plan: to give Owen a sedation medication (Versed) and allow him to relax and he would start the IV. This was music to our ears. Normally, with children Owen's age, gas is used to allow the child to fall asleep before surgery. We were against using the gas, as it is also possible it played a role in Owen's SVT episode in December.

I left the OR holding room confident the Lord had chosen this doctor to care for Owen and the surgery would go smoothly. After 3 pokes, he had a working IV, was sedated and ready for surgery. :) So that's a total of 10 sticks for one measly IV....needless to say a new place is being made for the necessary IV use during transplant!

As I said earlier, the surgery went seamlessly and it only lasted about 30 minutes. Owen is doing well and was up a few hours after surgery playing. I was actually concerned he was overdoing it a bit, but the nurses assured me that he could do whatever he wanted if he tolerated it well.

He's been very sleepy, as he has had quite the amount of Morphine, Tylenol and Oxycodone. But we would prefer him rest while he can. Thank you all so, so much for your prayers. It warms our hearts knowing so many people care for our family and take time to encourage and pray for us.

A little extra, very, very exciting news....we just got the phone call that Owen's transplant date is officially scheduled!

We will need all our prayer warriors on their knees on Tuesday, April 3.

We are so excited to see the new life that transplant will offer for Owen. Thank you again, for all your heartfelt well wishes. I can't wait for the day Owen can read and see just how many people love and support him!

                "...Wherever I cause my name to be honored I will come to you and bless you." Exodus 20:24

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

Well, as if our house isn't constantly exploding with love already, we "upped the ante" again for Valentine's Day. What a fun day, to add a little more love and squeeze in a few more hugs!

It's hard to believe that this was our sweet valentine just one year ago:

He is changing and growing before my eyes!
Daddy was actually off from school today so we had a wonderful lunch date at Mommy's favorite: Chick-fli-A! :) And Owen made a special trip to Target to purchase a new Elmo movie with his valentine money from his Nona. :)

The kid is obsessed with anything Elmo related. Movies, books, stuffed animals, figures. If that furry monster's face is on it...Owen loves it!

One thing Owen is NOT a fan of.....Sponge Bob! Owen had his first real experience of fear this weekend when he accidentally saw the beginning of a Sponge Bob episode. (We actually do not like the show and do not plan on allowing our children to watch it, it just taped after the end of a Fresh Beat Band episode!) However, I don't think it will be a problem. :) Owen very rarely cries. I mean, really cries...tears and all. Upon seeing the 20 seconds of Sponge Bob, the poor boy was so upset he was crying hysterically, and even shaking! It's actually happened twice (Mom of the year, I know) and he's had the same reaction both times. Needless to say, the episode has been deleted and I have no worries of hearing that annoying sponge invade my house...ever! :)

Owen had a great Valentine's Day and LOVED his gift. We have a sweet video of his giggles I'll share later!

Owen will be having surgery next week. Our doctors have decided to do the g tube surgery. Partially, because he needs one and partially to have a "run through" of our new anesthesia plan for transplant. His surgery is Tuesday morning at 7:30am (Cincy time). We covet your prayers and are so thankful in advance for our faithful friends and family who continue to "storm the gates of Heaven" in Owen's name!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where, oh, Where did my Baby Boy go?

Is it just me or did we just have a big blow out FIRST birthday party for my baby?? Oh wait, that was 6 months ago and my once tiny, little baby boy is a chunky, babbling, giggly, silly 18 month old!

I never knew just how quickly times passes until having a baby. It really feels like yesterday that I was working on teaching Owen how to sit up. And now, I'm finding myself correcting him for somehow scooting over to the fireplace for a little "exploring" time!

Owen is doing so much more at 18 months than we had expected. At a year old Owen could sit up, say "mama" and sipped water from a small medicine syringe. These 6 months have brought on some major developmental growth spurts for Mr. Owen!

At 18 months Owen can:

Bye- bye (Accompanied with a (left hand only) wave)
Gaga (dada)
Gog (dog)
Yeah, Yeah!
Ticka-ticka (tickle, tickle)
Shake his head "no" appropriately
Shake his head "yes"....not so appropriately, but on command :)

He can play peek-a-boo with his blankie
Clap his hands
Give high fives
Give "loves" (some may mistake for a head butt, but it's actually his snuggle) :)
Dance :)
"Fake Cough" (accompanied with sad face) :)
Scooting on his bottom to move ALL over the place!
Getting into the crawling position on his own

He is eating dry, rice cereal from spoon (HUGE considering the "spoon phobia" we've had to overcome!)
Drinking lots and lots and lots of water from his sippy cup!

....and his latest and greatest accomplishment....
STANDING!!! He can now bear his own weight using his Stander Equipment from our physical therapist!

Thank you all so much for you continued love, prayers and support for our family. We are so very blessed and humbled by the outpouring of love we continue to receive on a daily basis. Owen is thriving and doing so much more than doctors predicted. He is a complete miracle and everyday we spend with him is a blessing from the Lord.

Michael's sister, Carrie has been completely cleared for transplant! Owen has been cleared for transplant! So now....we wait, again. This time we are waiting on the doctors to get their schedules together and finalize a date. We still have our tentative date for Spring, but it has yet to be finalized. Please pray for patience as we wait to get our exact date!

We got word today that it looks as if Owen will be having surgery sometime in February for a g tube placement. We are hoping to do a "trial run" for the new anesthesia plan and see that things will run smoothly, easing our nerves for transplant. That, and our mischievous little boy is pulling at the tape on his face daily.

If you didn't get a chance to check out this month's Owensboro Parent magazine, be sure to click the link below. Sweet Owen's story was featured in the February issue! We are so thankful to spread the word about kidney failure, organ donation and of course, the amazing works of our God!


Just for fun....a few pictures showing just how much this sweet boy has grown and changed over his 18 months!

                                                            A tiny, miracle, newborn

                                                       A round, pudgy, 6 month old!

The sweetest 1 year old. :)

My strong willed, super fun, mischievous, toddler, 18 month old!